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Frequently Asked Questions

I paid my subscription via PayPal but still cannot download files

It usually takes several minutes before we get payment notification from PayPal. Please wait patiently – your email notification about the payment will come shortly. At the same moment you will be able to download files, no re-login is necessary.

How can I use content?

All our content is distributed under Royalty-free license that allows unlimited use of content in all media projects without paying royalty fees. You can use audio tracks, logos, loops and sound effects from our library in your commercial or non- commercial projects – including films, educational, advertising, games, internet projects, and more You cannot resell or redistribute the content without adding additional value to it – i.e. reselling.

Automatic billing and refunds

Once you sign up for a subscription – it will automatically renew every billing cycle until you cancel the subscription. We recommend our best value annual plan for just $89/year.

I forgot my username or password. What can I do?

Contact us and we will help you to recover your account.

Can I buy just a single item?

No, we do provide full access to our library only through subscription. We find our best value annual plan very affordable at just $89/year.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription directly with PayPal – you can manage your active subscriptions in Preapproved payments section of your PayPal account. Another way to cancel the subscription is contacting us for cancellation through our service. Please note that canceling the account will not automatically issue a refund. For refund requests, please contact our support team directly. After you cancel your subscription, you still can use your downloaded items, or download them again in “My downloads” page of your profile.

Can I buy just a single item?

No, we do provide full access to our library only through subscription. We find our best value annual plan very affordable at just $89/year.

YouTube warnings

It is a common problem with all royalty-free audiostocks that someone else can claim rights for the compositions on YouTube (anybody can do this) – many royalty free music creators are known for doing this to get additional revenue on their work from YouTube advertising. We find this practice very annoying for a legitimate music buyer and try our best to resolve the issue with every single track. If you upload your video to YouTube and get a warning that the audio track matches a third party claim – contact us with the details and we will help you in resolving the issue.


We do not offer refunds of any kind – subscription payments are non-refundable. We do not offer refunds for unused subscriptions or partially used periods.